Summer Hair Tips

There are numerous issues that can affect our hair during the hotter months. It’s important to pay extra attention to the condition and colour of our hair. Summer heat, sun, saltwater and chlorine can all have damaging effects, whether causing hair to turn dry and frizzy, or making your beautiful highlighted blonde turn green.

Here are our top tips to help you through the warmer months!

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Five Frizz-free Fixes

Most people think that curly hair is the only hair type that has to deal with fizziness, but frizz can cause havoc for all hair types and textures. Frizz usually occurs when hair lacks moisture, or the outside layer of the hair is damaged and raised which creates a frizzy texture.

Here are some quick and simple fixes that can help you get that frizz smoothed out!

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How to add texture to fine hair!

The right combination of product, styling and techniques can be a miracle worker for fine, lifeless hair! Here are some simple routine tricks to help you get it just right!

Start with the basics; Use a lightweight volumizing shampoo & conditioner will help create a good starting foundation for fine or lifeless hair. Ensure you’re not putting conditioner on your roots, and instead keep this on your mids to ends. Try Purify Volume Shampoo & Conditioner (hyperlink to product).

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Brassy hair – what causes it and how can I fix it?

Lightening hair or going blonder removes natural colour pigments from the hair, which if not completed correctly in salon can cause unwanted brassiness, warm or yellow results.

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