Summer Hair Tips

There are numerous issues that can affect our hair during the hotter months. It’s important to pay extra attention to the condition and colour of our hair. Summer heat, sun, saltwater and chlorine can all have damaging effects, whether causing hair to turn dry and frizzy, or making your beautiful highlighted blonde turn green.

Here are our top tips to help you through the warmer months!

#1 Condtion, Condition, Condition

Using gentle shampoo and hydrating conditioners, as well as a leave in conditioning spray and products with UV protection can really help hair during the warmer months. Our hair changes with the seasons, so it is a good idea to re-evaluate the products you are using with your hairdresser to see if there are any changes you could be making.

#2 Put Down The Tools

Try and minimise the use of heat styling tools such as hair dryers and straightening irons and allow hair to dry naturally.

#3 Up The Salon Visits

Paying more attention to your hair by seeing your hairdresser more often for regular trims and maintenance, including in-salon treatments is another great way to keep hair in tip top condition.

#4 Keep It Low-maintenance

Avoid going for extreme looks or colour that requires high maintenance, as further chemical treatments can increase damage to hair in the hotter seasons.

#5 Choose The Right Products

Visit your local salon and speak to a professional hairdresser and get their advice on the right products for your hair and lifestyle.