Five Frizz-free Fixes

Most people think that curly hair is the only hair type that has to deal with fizziness, but frizz can cause havoc for all hair types and textures. Frizz usually occurs when hair lacks moisture, or the outside layer of the hair is damaged and raised which creates a frizzy texture.

Here are some quick and simple fixes that can help you get that frizz smoothed out!

1. Increase moisture

Usually frizzy hair is the result of moisture loss., so it is important to ensure you’re using hydrating products in your hair regime. Try adding a weekly moisturising mask to your routine or using a leave-in moisturiser like Maraes Sleek Empowering Spray Treatment .

2. Ditch the towel

Friction to the hair can increase frizz. Try swapping out your regular bath towel for a microfibre towel to minimise friction, when drying hair, or use a blotting action to remove moisture from hair instead.

3. Incorporate an oil

Oil acts as a barrier on hair, helping keep humidity from penetrating your locks and causing those frizzy fly-a-ways! Try adding a few drops of oil to towel-dried mid-lengths and ends after a shower.

4. Point it down!

If you frequently blow-dry hair, try and let it dry 80% of the way naturally. Then when using your blow-dryer ensure that the nozzle is always pointing down the hair shaft to help smooth down the cuticle. Ensure you are using a heat protecting product, such as a smoothing serum to help smooth hair.

5. Accessorise

Adding some cute accessories to your style can help hid those frizzy fly-a-ways until your products start to kick in. Think silky head scarves, cool clips or high-top buns finished off with a scrunchie.