Brassy hair – what causes it and how can I fix it?

Lightening hair or going blonder removes natural colour pigments from the hair, which if not completed correctly in salon can cause unwanted brassiness, warm or yellow results. If you are darker and wanting to go lighter with your colour, it is important that a thorough consultation is completed with your stylist in salon. This will help you understand the process, but also ensure that you are comfortable with the colour you are about to have done.

After your colour is complete, it is also just as important to use the right home care products to maintain the condition and colour of your hair in-between salon visits.

To avoid your new colour turning brassy, a purple or violet-based shampoo & conditioner is a must. The violet pigments will help counteract any yellow tones within the hair to keep the blonde looking cool. You may also want to consider increasing protein and moisture, as lightened hair can be more porous and damaged than non-coloured hair. Try 360 Be Silver Shampoo & Conditioner